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Price List

Please see 'Types of Massage' section of the website for descriptions of each massage.

'Signature Massage'                                                       £50.00

1.5 Hours (Approx)

'Relaxation Massage'                                                      £50.00

1.5 Hours (Approx)

Swedish Massage                                                          £45.00

1 Hour (Approx)

'Thai Massage'                                                              £45.00

1 Hour (Approx)

Deep Tissue Massage                                                    £45.00

1 Hour (Approx)

Thai Herbal Compress                                                   £60.00

1.5 Hours (Approx)

'The Works'                                                                  £80.00

2.0 Hours (Approx)

Extra Time for any of the above                                     £25.00

Per 30 minutes

Herbal Foot Bath & Scrub                                               £10.00

15 minutes (approx)

Organic Coconut Oil                                                        £8.99

 Per Tub

Payment can be made by cash, cheque (with bank card) or by credit card (Via Paypal)

Credit Card Payments:

Please note that payments by credit card attract a supplement of £5.00 to cover administrative costs and payment must be made before the treatment.

1.5 Hour Massage

Electronic Invoices:

These can also be sent so that deposits or the full

amount of treatments can be paid by credit or debit card (anonymously via Paypal) before treatment.

These are useful if you want to pay unusual amounts.

It works quite simply in that I send an invoice to your e-mail address, you click a button and anonymously pay using a credit card, debit card or paypal account. The system is very secure

Please use the Contact form if you would like an electronic

invoice to be sent.