DJbodyworks -  Massage Therapist        Newcastle-Gateshead
Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some of the questions that I most often get asked.  I hope that you might find the answer to your question here.  If not, please do feel free to contact me using the contact form.
Q. After reading your website I'm not sure which
     massage is best for me.
A.  Don't worry!  When you see me for the first time we  
     will  have a short chat to determine what you hope to
     achieve from the massage and tailor the session 
     accordingly.  I work on the assumption that it is your
     time and your money so try to provide you with what
     you want.  However, a good start is to look under the
   ' Types of massage'  pages on this Website to give  
     yourself some ideas.
Q. What does your 'Signature Massage' involve?
A. The 'Signature Massage' is my most popular treatment. 
     It is a 1.5 hour session aimed mainly at relaxation and
     combines elements of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Thai 
     massage.  At the end of your first session I will always
     ask which bits you enjoyed the most and if there were 
     any bits you were not too keen on. I then bear this in 
     mind when you come again.  If you want the ultimate  
     experience then try 'The Works'
Q.  Do I have to make an appointment?
A.  Yes!  The further in advance you contact me, 
     the better chance of getting a time and date that you
     want. I do have significant other work, often away from 
     home and also a social life.
Q.  Is everyone suitable for massage?
A.  Generally yes!  There are a few medical conditions where
     massage is not advisable (we call these contra-
     indications)  and that is why we have a short chat before
     commencing the first treatment. These include things like
     excessively high or low blood pressure, diabetes etc. 
     These conditions would not necessarily stop you from
     having massage but we would have to adapt it accordingly.
Q.  How do I prepare for a massage?
A.  That's a simple one!  Please have a bath or shower before
     you attend and arrive on time for your appointment.  Allow
     some spare time afterwards so we are not rushing or clock
     watching  It is advisable not to eat a heavy meal for at 
     least a couple of hours before a massage. 
Q.  How often should I have a massage?
A. It really depends on what you are hoping to achieve or
     what you can afford.  There are no hard and fast rules,
     after all the Romans used to receive massage in the baths
     almost everyday!  Having said that my regular clients
     come weekly, fortnightly or even once a month.
Q.  What kind of people come to you for massage?
A.  My clients are very varied: young and old, fat and thin,
     athletic and passive, and also from all walks of life and    
     backgrounds.  Although my clients are mainly male I do 
     have some female clients. Everyone is most welcome.
Q.  Will anyone know I have been for a massage?
A.  Not unless you tell them!  Client confidentiality is 100%
     assured and both your identity and any information you
     give me or conversations we share remain totally
     confidential.  As a courtesy I expect the same in return
     from my clients.
Q.  Can I have some more information about you?
A.  Whilst you might be apprehensive about visiting someone
     you have never met before, some of the personal
     questions I get asked by prospective clients are totally
     inappropriate.  The massage is about you and not me. 
     I feel the testimonials on this site speak volumes so
     please be re-assured by them.
Q.  Why is it difficult to contact you by phone?
A.  As you will appreciate I switch off my phone when I am
     working. Likewise,when I'm out and about I don't have
     my diary to hand so wouldn't be able to make a booking.
     If you leave a message or send a text I will get in touch
     with you as soon as possible. 
    ***Please note I do not answer Withheld numbers or return 
         missed calls where a message has not been left***
     E-mail or via the website contact form is my preferred
     form of contact.
Q.  Do you offer a mobile service?
A. The general answer to that question is no, but I will
     consider individual requests based upon location and
     personal circumstances.
     I have a specially desgnedi studio where I can create a 
     calm, relaxing ambiance with candles, aromatic oils and
     music. There will be no disturbance during your massage.
     My experience of mobile massage is that clients find it  
     hard to relax because of disturbances in their home such  
     as telephones, doorbells, pets, callers etc  Also, I do not 
     have the variety of materials to hand that I have in my 
Q.  How do I book a Massage?
A.  If you are viewing this website you will no doubt also have
     an e-mail address.  The easiest way to book is by e-mail to or by using the contact form on 
     this website (preferred).  There is also a telephone  
     number provided under contact details but you may have to
     leave a message and I will return your call.
Q.  What hours do you work?
A.  I have to fit massage around my work commitments.
     Evenings, weekends and holidays are best but If you book 
     in advance I can usually be more flexible.
Q.  Can I bring my own music?
A.  Of course you can as long as its relaxing!  I have an i pod
     docking station or CD player that can be used for playback.
Q.  Can we chat during the massage?
A.  That is really up to you!  At the beginning of the massage 
     I normally say that if you talk I'll answer back but
     otherwise I'll remain silent.  I am fully aware that some of
     my clients like to chat and I have no problems with that. 
    Equally, silence is fine by me and I will not instigate 
     meaningless shallow conversation
Q. Do you do massage Training?
A.  Often I get asked by clients if I can teach them how to do 
     massage so they can use it with partners, friends and
     family.  This is not a problem and I enjoy doing it  
     particularly because it gives me a mini massage durng   
     the practice.  The best way to do this is to add an extra 
     half hour to yourmassage time and ask for some tuition at  
     the time of booking.
Can't find the answer to you question listed here? Then simply ask me via the contact form provided on the website!